World of Slime Tour Dates

Phase 1

More Dates TBA

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11/15 San Jose Civic Center San Jose, CA VIP Tickets Tickets
11/16 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA VIP Tickets Tickets
11/21 The Complex Salt Lake City, UT VIP Tickets Tickets
11/22 DLVEC Pavilion Tent Las Vegas, NV VIP Tickets Tickets
11/29 Revention Music Center Houston, TX VIP Tickets Tickets
11/30 South Side Ballroom Dallas, TX VIP Tickets Tickets
12/7 Place Bell Laval, Quebec VIP Tickets Tickets
12/13 Echostage Washington, DC VIP Tickets Tickets
12/14 Terminal 5 New York, NY VIP Tickets Tickets
12/28 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL VIP Tickets Tickets
11/15 San Jose Civic Center VIP Tickets
San Jose, CA
11/16 Hollywood Palladium VIP Tickets
Los Angeles, CA
11/21 The Complex Salt VIP Tickets
Salt Lake City, UT
11/22 DLVEC Pavilion Tent VIP Tickets
Las Vegas, NV
11/29 Revention Music Center VIP Tickets
Houston, TX
11/30 South Side Ballroom VIP Tickets
Dallas, TX
12/7 Place Bell VIP Tickets
Laval, Quebec
12/13 Echostage VIP Tickets
Washington, DC
12/14 Terminal 5 VIP Tickets
New York, NY
12/28 Aragon Ballroom VIP Tickets
Chicago, IL

More Dates TBA