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Slugz City burns in the distance. Armed with their deadly Salt Sprayers, The Frogs have taken over the great metropolis, forcing Snails to flee with the survivors of his army

At his spaceport outside the city, Snails is rallying the remnants of his troops to flee Earth. Alarm sirens go off and an emergency countdown begins. A voice announces that an attack is imminent; all personnel must board the last vessels immediately.

With the Frogs at his pursuit, Snails guides his fleet out of Earth’s orbit. He has only moments to choose a destination before the Frogs catch up. With few feasible options for safety, he decides to place his faith in an old legend told by his people: Sluggtopia

The uninhabited world of Sluggtopia lies at the far reaches of the star system. According to the legend, it is the original birthplace of the Slugs, home to the first Snail King. His old armor, the Shell, is found there, scattered amongst five temples built in the shape of statues representing the ancient Kings and their vassals. Each temple is guarded by a terrible monster.

The Desert Temple is protected by a giant serpent that slithers beneath the sand. The Snow Temple, hidden in a desolate mountain range, is inhabited by a ravenous two-headed ogre. A deadly crab mutant reigns over the Tropical Temple and an abominable legged catfish controls the Forest Temple. The Final temple lies deep in a jungle and is home to a Reptilian Demon.

After traveling through space for a year, the fleet of survivors reaches Sluggtopia. Snails visits each temple with help of a few of his best soldiers. He succeeds in defeating each monster and finally completes the Shell.

Once the Shell has been assembled, Snails gathers the brightest minds amongst his fleet’s researchers and scientists and tasks them with replicating the armor so that his entire army can use its technology.

With his army reinvigorated by the discovery of the armor, Snails can once again return to Earth to face the Frogs and take back the planet. The King is back!